Friday, March 13, 2009

Fertilizing Hostas - Spring Care of Hostas

Welcome to the first blog post by me on my new blog site.
To begin the gardening year we all need to think about some late winter clean up first.
I like to remove all of last years old hosta leaf debris and bloom scapes before fertilizing.
Hostas feed in a different way than most perennials plants. The hosta plant uses most of its food during Spring green up or flush. Some people want to come back and fertilize during mid summer but the experts say that this is a waste.
As far as fertilizer type, I like to use what I use in the nursery, a slow release nitrogen fertilizer.
The numbers are 12-6-6 with 3-4 month release. These fertilzers tend not to burn if you over do it. This is just what I use and you can probably use almost any fertilizer if you wish.
I like to scratch the soid surface after application too if possible.

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